Chih-Hao Ku (Justin)

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Chih-Hao (Justin) is an IT Discipline Coordinator and Assitant Professor of College of Management at Lawrence Technoloigical University. He is currently interested in text mining, deep learning, visual analytics, and social media analytics. Any research collaboration is welcome.

Southfield, MI USA
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Research Projects

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Crime Report Analysis

Crime entity extraction, entity similarity, document similarity, classification, and crime report visualization


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Social Media Analytics

Sentiment analysis, natural languaeg processing, social media analytics, Google Trends, TripAdvisor, Hospitality


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Crowdsourcing Analysis

Crowdsourcing, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Accounting Research, Social Media



This course is an introduction to grounded principles and techniques of design, cognition, perception, and human-computer-interaction for visualizing data interactively. Today, the amount of digital data has grown exponentially, which posts a major challenge for business to manipulate and analyze data efficiently. To gain useful insight from business data, the visual analytics techniques have drawn attention to the public. The major goal of this course is to teach business students, typically nonprogrammers, how to use visualization techniques to analyze big data. Students will work as groups and learn a wide array of visualization methods and be able to apply the techniques to our everyday life or research problems.
This course provides both ‘theory’, e.g., web design and e-commerce and ‘practice’, e.g., HyperText Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and JavaScript to train students to create web pages. Students will develop web pages with current technologies and practices. In addition, hands-on practice, website case projects, and web research are emphasized in this class...